Organic cultivations

We were happy to welcome the participants of the educational seminars organised by the Agricultural University of Athens to our organic cultivations!

The educational seminars concern aromatic and medicinal plants and take place in 4 different areas of Thessaly, Greece. You may find more information here.

Experienced staff from the Agricultural University of Athens together with our OROS team experts were there in order to guide sufficiently the group of the participants.

Organic cultivations of aromatic plants

The visit took place in the area of Domokos, central Greece. Thanks to its altitude, soil and climate conditions, this area is ideal for growing aromatic plants.

The participants had thus the opportunity to watch closely crops of different aromatic plant species. During the visit they asked questions about the different species and their proper virtues.

Greek mountain tea, lavender & oregano

There are discrete zones of different aromatic plant species in our farm. We mostly cultivate 3 mountain tea species (sideritis), lavender and oregano:

  • Sideritis scardica
  • Sideritis perfoliata
  • Sidertis raeseri
  • Lavandula angustifolia
  • Origanum vulgaris hirtum

The plants were on advanced blossom on the day of the visit. The conditions were therefore ideal for studying and observing each species separately.

More specifically, greek mountain tea, that varies from species to species, caught the attention of the participants.

Transplanting workshop

A transplanting workshop was also part of the visit. As a matter of fact, the participants entered the field and tranplanted a number of sideritis plants under our guidance.


In the end, the group of the participants were really enthusiastic for visiting our aromatic plant cultivations.

We are indeed very pleased to have provided our organic farm for an educational purpose!