Training Sessions on Aromatic and Medicinal Plants

Αρωματικά και Φαρμακευτικά Φυτά

The Agricultural University of Athens organises scientific training sessions on aromatic plants within the project “Initiation and Support of the New Generation for the Development of the Agri-Food Sector aiming at the Restoration of Greek Economy“.

The sessions address to young people up to 40 years old, farmers or not, who wish to work with aromatic and medicinal plants.

They take place in 4 areas of Thessaly, in the centre of Greece. They last 108 hours, 54 hours of theory courses and 54 hours of workshops, and will be completed by the middle of June 2018.

Aromatic Plants : innovative training sessions

The sessions’ program combines different “fields”of aromatic and medicinal plants (AMP).

Sessions’ topics

  • Best agricultural practices.
  • Innovative processing technologies.
  • Marketing issues.
  • Business plan on AMP production.
  • Guidance of young farmers so as to form groups of AMP producers.

Scientific team

Recognised professors of the Agricultural University of Athens form the speakers’ team. Business executives of companies like Apivita Natural Cosmetics are also on board.

The aim of the sessions is the high level training of the participants. The main idea is that they manage to successfully develop their products from “the field to the store shelf”.

Partnership with OROS

Our family has been a partner of the Agricultural University of Athens for several years.  As a matter of fact, we have an active role in conducing the sessions.

Tour in our farm

We will guide the participants in our farm of AMP. Our fields are ideal for such a visit thanks to the presence of different plant species like greek mountain tea and oregano.

Plant processing

A member of the OROS family, Mr Gakis, is also one of the main speakers. He is an agronomist with a long experience on AMP processing issues.

We have a strong belief that the sector of AMP has a great potential for those who are interested. We are indeed glad to be part of this project!