We have been a traditional farmers’ family for more than three generations. Our experience and know-how, together with our genuine love and passion for agriculture, motivated us to start cultivating organic herbs.

The last decade, we have focused on cultivating three different species of greek mountain tea (Sideritis), lavender and oregano. We have chosen Olympus mountain, Domokos and Grevena areas to base our cultivations.

We adopt exclusively organic production methods and techniques, always respecting the environment.


Greece hosts an extraordinary variety of indigenous plants and herbs of high biological value. This unique botanical treasure has always inspired us.

Since our first steps, we have continuously developed and improved our cultivation approaches in order to produce high quality organic aromatic plants.

Our brand name, OROS, is a reference to the place that generously gives birth to plants of unique value, the MOUNTAIN.


Konstantinos Gakis

Agriculturalist, Scientific consultant, Farmer

School of Agriculture, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Master in "Research and Development of Natural Products", Agricultural University of Athens

I have been cultivating organic aromatic plants for the last 10 years. During my studies, I focused my research on greek mountain tea (Sideritis), due to the special interest that the diversification of its several species presents.

My central activity concerns the continuous improvement of our farms, through the scientific research and supervision of the plants in each growing phase.

Aimilia Gaki

Business Development

Business Administration, University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece

Master in "Innovation Management", Pierre-Mend├Ęs France University of Grenoble

I have always had a strong belief in the beneficial virtues of aromatic plants. I have gained important knowledge of the admirable universe of herbs working in a company producing organic dietary supplements and cosmetics based on aromatic and medicinal plants in France.

The promotion of unique herbs, highly valuable for human's well-being, is my main interest.

Yannis Gakis

Cultivation coordinator

A farmer for more than 30 years, I turned to cultivating organic herbs 15 years ago, as a challenge of exploring different species of the Greek flora.

Having experimented with several aromatic plants, I have focused on cultivating greek mountain tea, lavender and oregano.

I have opted for an organic cultivation approach, also inspired from traditional farming methods of the past that guarantee the minimum intervention to the environment.