Greek Mountain tea

Greek Mountain tea

Sideritis raeseri


Mountain tea, also called ironwort or shepherd’s tea, is known since ancient times for its extraordinary virtues. Dioscourides used Sideritis to heal wounds during the war. Mountain tea is traditionally used in Balkan and Mediterranean countries as herbal tea, mainly in the winter. It is rich in flavonoids that are significant antioxydants. Sideritis raeseri is the most common cutivated and consumed species in Greece.


Mountain tea Sideritis raeseri is traditionally consumed as infusion, mainly during winter. It can also be consumed as ice-tea during summer. Its beneficial action is enhanced by adding honey and lemon. The proposed consumption of greek mountain tea is 1-2 cups per day.

How to purchase

Mountain tea Sideritis raeseri is available in our premises. Drying is made naturally, in a suitable cool place. Contact us if you wish to purchase wholeshale bulk quantities or bunches. The product is accompanied by a ΔΗΩ organic farming certificate and chemical analyses from a certified laboratory. A sample can also be sent.