We were very happy to attend the annual meeting of Europam European Herbs Growers Association that took place in Greece this year! In the past, the OROS team had participated in such meetings that are hosted by a different country every year.

Europam European meeting

The Europam members travelled from different countries in order to be present in this year’s annual meeting. Herb growers, plant processing and commercial entreprises, research institutes, we all were there. All sharing a common interest : our passion for medicinal and aromatic plants (MAP).

During the meeting, we visited MAP plantations and a plant processing entreprise as well as a Apivita natural cosmetics company. We also had the chance to attend very interesting speeches on MAP issues.

Visit to MAP fields & processing company

We were excited to visit perennial MAP plantations of different life stages. We also had fruitful conversations with the farmers about crop management, the particularities of each plant etc…

In addition to this, we visited a MAP processing company where we discussed about  plant processing issues.

Visit Apivita company

Our visit to Apivita company that uses MAP as a base for its natural cosmetics, was also particularly interesting. A company team guided us to its premises and explained to us its vision and philosophy.

Speeches on MAP issues

All speeches and discussions about MAP issues and latest news were also highly constructive.

We takled about crop management risks of different MAP species and ways to deal with them too. According to our know-how and expertize, we also exchanged views amd experience related to various MAP issues.


Our participation in this year’s Europam meeting strengthened our conviction that there is an important potential in  MAP farming.

We thus continue, with optimism, enthusiasm and passion, to do what we, above all, love to do!